MOST people can’t wait to check whether they’ve won something when they buy Lotto tickets.

But a man who bought a ticket at the Shell garage in Centurion only found out he had won over R23 million after 11 months!

The winner, who didn’t want to be named, finally made his way to Ithuba’s offices in Sandton, Joburg, last week with his wife.

Speaking to the SunTeam, he said: “I play and put them in one place. I only check once.”

He said when he saw on the news that someone had not claimed millions of rand, he went to check his stack of tickets and found out it was him.

“I checked three times to be sure and then I called my wife, who was busy in the kitchen,” he said.

The wife said she heard her husband screaming and she thought he had spotted a snake. They said they didn’t tell anyone about their win, including their kids. They said they weren’t planning on telling their children any time soon.

The man said he had no lucky numbers and only played the Lotto when he felt like it.

“I pick randomly or choose quick pick. No one can say they have a strategy to win lotto, it’s just luck. When it’s your day, it’s your day,” he said.

The man said although he was happy he would finally have financial freedom, he didn’t plan on quitting his job.

Ithuba’s Khensani Mabuza said the winner would have lost the money if he didn’t come forward by the 19th of next month.