Mzansi wants to play lotto in stores and people are just not favouring the online procedure.

'Lotto' has been trending all day, people are also emphasizing that playing online doesn't feel the same as playing in stores.

"It doesn't have that thing," they stated. 

Some are mainly concerned about those who're not technology savvy.

These are people who don't have phones with internet access, Mkhulus and gogos who have no idea how to play online. 

"I feel like a lot of decisions are not calculated. People can practice social distancing. There are police and soldiers ensuring that people adhere to the rules, why won't they guard lotto players," Snikiwe Duka tweeted. 

Senkie Mahlangu said he only has data once a month and used to play lotto two times a week.

"Data is expensive and buying data every week is going to be an expense for me.

I understand that it's for a good cause but some decisions are just not calculated," said Senkie.