Transgender people are human beings and it’s irritating and disturbing to hear how they’re facing bullying on social media platforms.

Social media is both the best and the worst to happen to the trans community.

Online harassment of trans people is a real problem, and often goes a lot further than the things people say in real life.

Many of them are dealing with transphobia and misinformation circulating about them.

On the other hand, they are also facing discrimination from cruel people.

Transgender people are treated cruelly online. Transphobia is something they deal with every single day. They’re often intentionally mis-gendered and have to hear comments like: “You’re not a real man,” “You’re confused and you need God,” or “You don’t deserve to live.”

I wonder if people understand the effect these abusive comments have on the mental health of those they’re directed at.

However, I encourage transgenders not to feel hurt and hopeless by such behaviour and insults.

We must change and start treating all people like human beings.

Social media companies should do more to prevent their platforms being used for hate speech.