Around this time four years ago, the media was flooded with reports about a fake prophet from Nigeria who’d wrongly predicted the outcome of the US elections.

TB Joshua was portrayed as a fake religious leader who claimed to be a prophet.

I then started my own research about him.

As I recounted the events around the 2016 US presidential elections – coupled with information I didn’t know before about their electoral system – I realised Hilary Clinton had won the popular vote.

President Donald Trump won the electoral college vote.

So how was TB Joshua totally wrong about Clinton’s victory?

As if that wasn’t enough, this year TB Joshua also predicted the nature of this year’s poll as far back as January.

While the media polls were suggesting a landslide victory for Joseph Biden, TB Joshua predicted accurately that the race would be tight. The polls which were forcefully shoved down our necks were wrong. Yet no noise is made about him this time around nor do we hear apologies and mistakes being admitted by the pollsters and media. It is clear as daylight that no one expects a black African to be a true prophet, more especially from Nigeria.

If TB Joshua is a fake prophet, then in whose name does he perform miracles?

If it’s in the name of Jesus, then it is Jesus the owner of that name allowing him to deceive.Most importantly, you who claim to be educated should do more than TB Joshua. ) Khotso KD Moleko Mangaung

If you’re sure that God is with you, then go directly to TB Joshua and set him free.