The gap between the rich and the poor became wider as a result of lockdown restrictions.

The vast majority of hawkers live from hand-to-mouth and had to close their businesses.

That means perishable stock had gone to waste and they couldn’t get their cost price money back.

Others could keep their solid stock during months of suffering under lockdown.

But the starving continues because there are no more people to buy stock now as we all became poorer.

I’d like to encourage all of us to buy from the hawkers whenever we need what they’re selling.

By spending a few rands on street vendors’ products, we contribute toward putting food on some families’ tables.

Development takes creative minds and energetic people to implement plans.

A hungry person can’t be creative.

A better way to reach out to the poor is by supporting initiatives by those trying to improve their lives.

It’s embarrassing to still see people pulling others down.

That’s not the way to go, if we’re to develop as a nation.

  • Percy Moffat

Mamelodi East