Unemployment is the root of many problems in Mzansi today.

Years into democracy, you’d have expected political leaders to have worked out strategic plans to create jobs.

But they’re busy enriching themselves with taxpayers’ money and wasting the same money on commissions of inquiry.

By playing the race card, our leaders claim to be protecting blacks. While I don’t deny that racism is still alive in our country, I also acknowledge that most of the people who are accused of being racist are entrepreneurs who employ the masses.

Corrupt politicians only sponsor their lavish lifestyle. You find one man owning two mansions and a few expensive cars instead of opening a business with whatever money they have and employ more people. For as long as blacks are desperate for jobs, they’ll remain victims of so-called racists who employ them.

To redeem ourselves as black people, we need to nurture more black entrepreneurs in our midst.

Unfortunately, we’ve allowed the spirit of ubuntu to get destroyed. People enjoy their plenty only when others have nothing.

Rather than uplift those in need, we now boast about what we have and show off. We may chant and demonstrate against white racists as many times as we can, but we will never earn their respect for as long as the majority of us work for them. People still endure racial discrimination because they want to keep their jobs.

  • MA Ledubuko