It’s so disturbing to see how some dodgy foreigners have turned Mzansi into some sort of Disney World playground.

Some came here from faraway places for some honeymoon, only to kill women.

Some came here pretending to be men of God and end up raping our kids and women, while others came here to extort money from vulnerable masses.

We’re a laughing stock to other countries. If this was Botswana, we would not be witnessing such a circus.

People like the Bushiris can just disappear to their home country and make ridiculous demands when they can’t do the same in their native countries.

If South Africa fails to extradite this so-called pastor to come and face the music here, this will have a negative impact on our criminal and justice system.

The foreigners won’t stop flocking to “Canaan”, where everyone does as they wish and get away with it.

  • Angry Mandla Tshabalala Protea Glen