It’s dangerous for kids to play around rivers and dams during and after rainfall.

This year we’ve been blessed with so much rainfall, but we all know what water can do.

Even those who cross the rivers going to school, please avoid crossing alone.

Do it under the guidance of adults. We’ve lost so many people through drowning, and it’s high time we become more careful to avoid losing more lives.

Parents whose kids pass rivers on a daily basis when going to school must accompany them or find someone to do so on their behalf.

Let’s take the initiative to prevent our children and ourselves from drowning.

Tell them to stay away from rivers. It hurts to see people losing their precious lives because of drowning during floods.

We must tread carefully by prioritising the safety of our children.

Those who go to school must walk in groups so they can protect each other.

  • Nelson Kgatla

Pretoria North