Money talks in our country.

The level of corruption has reached shocking levels. Actually, it’s beyond shocking.

I’m not surprised Shepherd Bushiri managed to escape and went to his country of birth.

It’s disheartening that the message sent to the youth is that crime and corruption pay.

If you have money, you can do anything and nothing will happen to you.

Even now when the Hawks are arresting some officials, I’m not moved because I know those cases won’t go anywhere.

Those involved will continue living a lavish lifestyle, showing the middle finger to the poor who’ve put them in power in the first palce.

What happened to the Guptas?

They escaped after ravaging our economy with the help of top officials.

Watching the Zondo Commission breaks my heart because you can see the arrogance and unremorseful behavior of these people. The poor get poorer. People lose jobs daily while our leaders live Instagam lives with money looted from state coffers.

  • Johannes Mankoe, Randburg
  • The scales of justice are indeed tipped in favour of those who have money. And they try everything possible to avoid answering to charges laid against them.

If you want to see how swiftly justice is dispensed, look no further than a hungry petty thief who steals a loaf of bread and a tin of fish.

He’ll get to serve years in jail, while high-ranking officials and businessmen, who collapse the state, use money to make cases disappear. This letter wins R200. Please, call Nthabiseng at our office to collect your prize.

– Editor