My blood runs cold whenever I read about pastors who rape their church members.

When we say we are a lost nation, we expect the men of God to guide us to the right direction.

A church is regarded as a sacred place of comfort.

One can tell by the way women bow down to their religious leaders that they trust them with their lives.

People with troubled souls can’t see beyond a house of worship for divine solutions.

For a pastor to sexually assault a woman or child is unimaginable.

How do they do this in a church using God’s name?

It just goes to show that there are only a few priests who have a real calling to serve the Lord.

For pastors to see vulnerable women and children in their churches as easy prey to satisfy their lust is so evil.

Imagine being baptised in a church, only to be raped by its pastor.

I urge women and children who experience sexual harassment in churches to quit or report such incidents to the police. It’s time to name and shame evil pastors.A relationship between a pastor and his congregants should remain strictly about prayers. No private visits between them should be conducted.

Ladies, never find yourself alone with a pastor in a closed room if you want to remain safe.

  • Matome Kubu Arcadia