The context around false pastors and churches is never considered when judgements about their prevalence are wrongly made.

Educated experts fail to see the situation in its reality.

They join the propaganda machines of politicians through the media on the subject of fake prophets. But who made you God to judge Christians?

The reality is that the culture of hexing and curses is resurging among black South Africans.

Poverty and underdevelopment mean the local church is the only form of counselling and support, while the culture of hexing and curses remains intact. Even politicians utilise the manipulation of spirits by spiritists.

Certain pastors blur the lines between Biblical interpretation and their own African experience.

That’s why academic theology should respond to African spirituality emerging in Christianity.

The dismissive attitudes from educated Christians and politicians do more harm than good.

Government and media should stick to their own professions rather than stick their noses into religious and spiritual matters.

) Khotso KD Moleko