Parents and guardians need to save money for school uniforms and tertiary registration.

There’s no point in finishing all your year-end bonuses.

I’m sure you don’t want to enter into debt, especially in January.

Children’s education is more important than everything else and it’s embarrassing to see how some parents are becoming careless during the festive season.

I understand the financial pressures that families may experience, but please save whatever little money you have.

Wise people buy school uniforms now at cheaper rates.

Put your children’s future first.

Parents must never fail their kids. They must make sure that they make it possible for their kids to further their studies.

They must be ready and proud to send their children to tertiary institutions.

Parents, please help your kids, so that they don’t end up roaming around the streets.

Don’t finish all the money during the festive holidays.

Use your money wisely on things that you need rather than on useless things that won’t benefit your children.

  • Rachel Molema Theresa Mews