Christmas day is supposed to be a time when families enjoy meals together.

I felt sad to see nyaope addicts roaming the streets on Christmas day asking for coins to buy food as they normally do.

Somehow I strongly feel that the families of people who live in the streets should make an effort to find them and at least celebrate Christmas day with them.

I find it hard to understand how some families can enjoy meals, good music and jokes while one of them is in the streets living like a zombie.

Perhaps it’s time the whole community and municipalities intervened. Community leaders need to open charity organisations that will cater for drug addicts’ food and rehabilitation. We can’t afford to fold our arms and watch as our young people fade away. You can look away all you like but the more young drug addicts there are, the greater the chance of your child also becoming the next.

It’s detrimental for us to look away when the problems affect us directly.

The cops seem to have lost the fight against people who sell nyaope, whoonga, tik and ntash.

Every innovative young person helps the country’s development when they build successful careers.

Many talents are ruined in youth addicted to drugs.

Let’s rescue these young people.

  • Abigail Ledubuko, Bochum