My understanding was that the EFF was established in July 2013 as the champion of the poor.

The EFF has a point on the need for free education, land redistribution, fighting against white monopoly capital and corruption.

But their approach is wrong.

In the beginning, I was convinced it would save the people since the ANC failed to deliver services in post-apartheid South Africa.

But I later realised its leader, Julius Malema, is not a populist but just an attention-seeking and confused opportunist who misleads people.

The EFF has proven to us it doesn’t have what it takes to lead in a democratic country.

We all know Malema was the architect of the “Jacob Zuma Must Fall” and “Pay Back the Money” campaigns. He said everyone must be regretting supporting Zuma.

After Zuma was ousted, Malema said Zuma was better than President Cyril Ramaphosa and mustn’t be jailed as he’s now too old to be a prisoner.

I don’t think the EFF will offer South Africans a way out of poverty.

Supporting the party is just a waste of time. I don’t know what it stands for.

This party has no direction and is a threat to our democracy.

Malema pretends to represent ordinary people to score cheap political points. Going back to Zuma is just a strategy to lure his supporters.

  • Tshidino Ndau

Tshakhuma Tsha Madzivhandila