Ace Magashule is allowed to cling to his position, whereas other officials such as Bandile Masuku and Khusela Diko were removed as soon as they became linked to allegations of fraud.

involving tenders for PPE’s for medical personnel in Covid-19 emergency.We watched in horror the gathering of enablers and Gupta lapdogs last Friday in Bloemfontein.

Magashule and Zuma’s supporters are a bunch of renegades.

Any self-respecting leader would avoid being associated with washed up and disgraced leaders such as Carl Niehaus, Kebby Maphatsoe and Tony Yengeni.

They’ve also rented crowds of foul-mouthed, unemployed youth who don’t know what to do with their time. We were not shocked when Jessie Duarte announced the special dispensation Ace was to receive from the NEC.

This was just confirmation that the “fight-back brigade” had learnt well the lessons of Bell Pottinger.that distraction, disinformation and deflection are the best ways to muddy the waters.

Law-abiding citizens should not despair. We still have an independent judicial system on our side.

We believe there’s no way that evil will triumph.

  • Bushy Green Kagiso