Winston Churchill once said: “Responsibility is the price of greatness.”

We are heading towards that time of the year and some people will be visiting various places in honour of the festive season.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays that are free of road accidents, deaths and wasteful expenditure.

I urge those who will be driving to stay away from alcohol, get enough rest and adhere to recommended speed limits and ensure that your vehicles are roadworthy.

Motorists must also exercise caution and patience as there will be many vehicles on our roads.

Do not drink and drive, because alcohol reduces driving ability.

Avoid falling victim to cash robberies.

Please ensure that you carry as little cash as possible and also pay your accounts electronically.

Refrain from letting people know about your bank visits as that can make you a target for criminals.

If you are going away for some days, get someone to look after your house. Don’t let children swim without parental supervision.

Don’t overspend because there is life after the festive season.

Those who will be visiting the sea must always keep safe. Observe Covid-19 safety measures.

Be vigilant and responsible in everything you do.

  • Malphia Honwane Gottenburg eManyeleti