The ongoing fight between the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa and the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs regarding the suspension of initiation schools has reached boiling point.

That’s why decisive, but unpopular leaders are needed.

No doubt, their decision won’t please everyone, but the onus is on us to learn to agree to disagree.

What’s important is that initiates need to be protected. All the rest are secondary including the pockets of the traditional leaders and the rite of passage to manhood.Surely, Covid-19 won’t be with us forever. But for now let’s deal with the problem at hand.

Initiation is important.

There is no denying, depending on individual preferences and cultural beliefs all of which our constitution endorses, that some if not many prefer circumcision in the mountains

The irony is that the biggest cry for lifting initiation schools suspension comes from the Eastern Cape, the province which annually record the highest initiate deaths resulting from botched circumcision, bogus initiations and dehydration. Government and everyone involved should agree.

And the sooner the better.

  • Mokgadi P Maila, Tshwane