We are a generation that saw just how devastating HIV/Aids was, yet we initially refused to take treatment because of conspiracy theories.

We were told the treatment was toxic, demonic and that the Europeans and Americans wanted to kill us with it. We died in numbers until common sense prevailed.

We took the treatment, and many people who would have died, are alive today.

Today we are a generation that experiences how devastating Covid-19 is, yet again, we allow conspiracy theorists to convince us “the vaccine is dangerous”.

If that is the case, why are millions of Americans, Asians and Europeans taking the vaccine themselves?

Can common sense prevail once again so we can stop the unnecessary deaths caused by Covid-19. Let’s use our brains. Don’t believe everything you see or read on social media without doing your own thorough research.

  • Lenard Mbhiza, Ntlhaveni Block D