Crime is everyone’s worst nightmare, but some do support it by buying stolen goods.

Thugs go around looking for potential buyers before they even steal.

The crime success rate is a sign that stolen goods are in high demand.

Buying stolen goods is like supporting a system that will come back to haunt you.

If a person can steal from someone and sell to you, they can also steal from you and sell to someone else.

We shouldn’t be tempted by the low prices of stolen goods.

Thugs sell their loot cheaper because they maliciously took it for free.

We must help police catch the thieves by anonymously blowing the whistle.

It’s not safe to make deals with criminals who promise to deliver the item you want at half price.

They’ll rob you one day!

Before you know it, they’ll be gone with your cash, leaving you with no goods.

Imagine buying a stolen cellphone whose owner was killed when they were robbed.

Always think twice before buying stolen goods.

Listen to your conscience. Recall how you felt the last time someone stole from you. If you buy goods in shops, you save yourself and the community from thugs.

Don’t buy stolen goods.

  • NV Makgoka
  • To solve some of society’s problems, we need to acknowledge that some of the solutions lie with us.

Indeed, we enable criminals when some of us buy stolen goods because they sell them at cheap prices.

If the demand for buying stolen goods is eliminated, all of us can stop these high-crime statistics.

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