Black Friday originates from a foreign country, yet in Mzansi we’ve adopted it.

The Black Friday hype and the soccer derby have something in common. They’re overpromoted weeks or months prior to their actual day.

The hype around this causes havoc as it puts some people, who don’t have money, under pressure to buy things and get overindebted.

The promoters of this day are skilful in that they make the products look cheap. It is an art they learnt to perfect over a very long time.

In the rush, let’s not forget Christmas, let alone January, when schools reopen.

If we overspend during these hard economic times, we’ll live to regret it big time.

This year has done us a big blow, it is the new normal year no one would ever want to remember.Therefore, let’s tread carefully with the little we have.

Some of us have lost jobs, so try and save for rainy days.

Learn to prioritise, distinguish between necessities and luxuries. That high-priced product isn’t necessary the best product.

  • Mamatonyane Maila Pretoria West