We know how uncomfortable dry/oily skin can be but not moisturizing your skin might lead to a host of problems. 

When you have oily skin, moisturizing might be last thing on your mind but its is a need because hydrated skin is healthy skin. 

Dehydrated skin can cause premature skin aging, and even breakouts.

When you don't moisturize your skin, your body responds by making more oil and this extra oil can clog pores, leading to more pimples so it is wiser to keep your skin hydrated. 

If you have oily skin and don't moisturize, your skin will only get oilier because it is trying to protect itself. Just because your skin has too much oil, its doesn't mean it has too much water. 

Oil and hydration are two different things. the role of moisturizers is to improve skin's hydration by adding water to it. 

Here are some moisturizers to use if you have oily skin:

- POND'S Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream For Normal to Oily Skin

- NIVEA Perfect and Radiant Light Moisturiser Spf 15

- Garnier Skin Naturals Even & Matte Very Oily Skin

- Neutrogena, Moisturizer Water Gel, Hydro Boost, Normal to Combination Skin

- EskamelOil Control Moisturiser