IT’S that time of the year when hearts get broken.

This is because some boyfriends disappear during the festive season. Some people even call it boyfriend leave.

Ntombfuthi Magwaza (30) shared on Twitter that she knew how this felt as her boyfriend dumped her on 30 November last year.

“Ladies, just prepare yourselves. Men want to spend their bonuses peacefully with slay queens. At the end they will come back to us when they are broke in January,” she said.

SunReaders also shared their experiences about the boyfriend leave.

  • Octavia said: “Every December my husband gets angry from the 15th to 31st, so this year I am not taking his nonsense. I am inviting his mother to come spend the holidays with us.”
  • Thabo said: “I told my girlfriend that I’m training to be a sangoma. I even borrowed some money from her to buy a goat, meanwhile I was relaxing and having fun without her.”
  • Ndonga said: “I said that I went to my friend’s funeral and they accidentally buried me so I have been trying to get out of the grave ever since.”

Sex and relationship expert Dr Eve told Daily Sun she was aware of festive season break ups.

She said the festive season could be a ticking time bomb for unstable relationships.