THIS week saw the celebration of World Cider Day.

Cider is an ancient alcoholic beverage that originated from Europe and is traditionally made from fermented apple juice.

The UK has the world’s highest per capita consumption, and the largest cider-producing companies.

World Cider Day (3 June) was launched by members of the Association of Apple Wine and Fruit Juice Press Houses in Hesse(Verband der Hessischen Apfelwein-und Fruchtsaft-Keltereien e.V.).

The day aims to provide an international platform for all apple cider nations. A platform with equal partners and where joint activities concerning the World Cider Day are communicated.

It’s a day when apple cider lovers, apple cider press houses, apple cider innkeepers and retailers from all over the world link up to provide information on activities and events in their local languages.

Apple Cider Day also raises public awareness about varieties and characteristics of apple cider, to whet people’s appetite for apple cider, to provide information about apple cider and its meaning for nature conservation and to be a festival for the numerous apple cider lovers.

Mzansi cider fanatics enjoy a variety of their favourite ciders, including Strongbow® that comes in different flavours such as Original Dry, Gold Apple and Red Berries.

Savanna, Hunters Dry, Eversons Apple Cider, Redds and Sxollie Golden Delicious Cider also make up some of the ciders enjoyed in Mzansi.