Daily Sun’s podcast Umjolo and Sex is back this week, with yet another exciting episode.

This week, hosts Mlungisi Mpela, Gomie Seabi and our resident sex expert, Anele Siswana, will discuss women who shoot their shot.

How does a man react when asked out by a woman? Don’t worry we got you.

Speaking to SunBuzz, Mlungisi said: “This week’s episode is an exciting one. We’ll discuss women who shoot their shot at men and find out whether women are changing the norm.

“This is because this year we’ve seen a change in the dating game, with women being more comfortable with sliding into men’s inboxes and asking them out.”

Mlungisi, who considers himself as progressive, said he sees nothing wrong with women shooting their shot.

“The world is evolving and we need to evolve with it. Honestly speaking, gender contrasts harm progress and we need to do away with them,” he said.

“I was once approached by a lady. Although I was speechless, I was faltered and found it cute and brave. Unfortunately for me, it was an older lady, so we couldn’t pursue it.”

Co-host Gomie said the biggest takeaway from this week’s episode is that it’ll teach ladies that it’s okay to make the first move.

“I hope this week’s episode teaches ladies that it’s okay to make the first move, as long as you’re aware there might be rejection,” she said.

“I also hope it makes them more self-aware that making the first move shows you’re willing to take matters into your hands.

“Times have changed. It’s time women took matters of the heart into their hands.”

Gomie said that working on this podcast was an absolute pleasure.

“This is genuinely my first time ever working on a podcast and it’s been absolutely amazing.

“The show is authentic, genuine and I hope the listeners feel the same way too,” she said.

“They should send in their Umjolo and Sex queries, so we can discuss them as this podcast is for them and we’d love them to get involved.”

  • Episode 3 of Daily Sun’s Umjolo and Sex Podcast will be available on Sunday from 9am