Another working week has flown by and like global superstar Rihanna once said, cheers to the weekend.

While you might be considering going out with the girls for a few drinks or taking bartending indoors due to the cold weather, you might want to order something with a bit of malt and save those bubbles for next week.

Yes, for this weekend and hopefully the next coming ones, rather get yourself a cold beer with your girls.

While beer is barely popular among women, consuming it comes with some great benefits.

According to a study at the Sahlgrenska Academy, a research centre at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden,

beer may protect women against the risk of heart attacks and like Pharrell Williams, also make you happy.

According to Culture Trip magazine, scientists have discovered that drinking beer in moderation can bring significant health benefits for women by reducing their chances of having a heart attack.

Their studies further indicate that women who drink beer once or twice a week reduce the risk of heart attacks by 30% compared to those who drink high quantities or those who don’t drink anything at all.

Now ladies, who says a bottle of wine is your only best friend?