IF YOU did natural science at school, then you should be familiar with the term convection current.

A convection current is known as “warm air rising and cold air sinking”.

Simply put, as hot air cools it sinks back to the surface of the earth, where it gets warmed by the ocean only to rise again.

Something that also works like a convection current is the human 4-5 in winter.

According to sexologists, we already know and have heard of the summer 4-5 and how effective its rise is during the hot weather.

However, according to health experts, the 4-5 in winter tends to sink like the cold air.

According to Times of India magazine, the cold weather can cause penises to shrink, decrease erections and cause difficulty reaching an orgasm.

According to sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight, the blood vessels in the 4-5 shut down because of the cold.

Annabelle further explained that men can expect their 4-5s to shrink by up to 50% in length and 20%-30% in girth.

Men’s Health magazine further elaborated that your body is programmed to preserve heat and energy.

So in the cold, it funnels its resources into maintaining blood flow to the middle of your body, where your vital organs are.

However, in order to do that, your body has to reduce blood flow to your appendages, your fingers, toes, and your penis.

Talk about the 4-5 convection current.