"Everyone falls in love sometimes. Sometimes it's wrong, sometimes it's right."

If chick flicks are your thing, then the above quote should remind you of the movie Waiting to Exhale. 

Part of the 1995 film which went on to rack up 82 million dollars was the late songstress, Whitney Houston, who sang these words which were part of the soundtrack.

The film and the soundtrack touch on the complexities of love, and how at times love can never be enough. 

We often hang onto the four-letter word with hope that people and circumstance will change, but in most instances we end up being hurt all in the name of love.

The recent spike in domestic and women abuse partly lies with someone not wanting to agree that the love they have for their partner/s is not enough. 

But why is that the case, why is love not enough? 

1. You Want Different Things

They say opposites attract, but the truth is we now live in a world of dreams and goals.

If you meet someone who will not encourage or inspire you to be a better version of yourself, then they can rather make like a tree and leave.

2. Micro-cheating

Micro-cheating according to a relationship expert happens when you create small opportunities for affectionate behaviours that fall outside your relationship. 

Simply put, you are emotionally cheating on your partner and this is more painful than physical cheating because your emotionally invested somewhere else. 

3. Relationship is stagnant 

There is a traditional saying that "a dog barks at a moving car".

In other words, if you are not moving no one will take heed. 

It is important that you grow in a relationship, and if your relationship is stuck then love is surely not enough.