Mzala, Mpinchi, Skeem, Chommee, Bra and Dawg. 

These terms are very synonymous with friendship in South Africa. 

Almost everyone uses at least one of them when referring to your friend. 

Now by definition, a friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Now pay close attention to "one exclusive of sexual..." part of the definition. 

It is no wonder that friendship is now the new way of having sexual relations without having the bae title.  

This comes as no surprise as recent relationship stats can really drive you to friends with benefits zone. 

So why has this phenomenal taken the world by storm:

1. Less Complications


The modus operandi is crystal clear.

We enjoy each other sexually without complicating things with the L word. 

2. Fun, Fun and More Fun 


Relationships tend to miss the childish element to them because we aim to maintain "maturity". 

Friends in general add that fun side to our lives, so friends with benefits expand on fun times that can be had. 

3. No Titles


There is a new buzz word in the relationship streets and that is vibes. 

Relationship titles tend to mess up the positive energies between people.

So in order to keep the vibes, no unnecessary titles are required in friends with benefits.  

So if you're not big on feelings, and want to keep things moving whilst having a bit of fun then you might as well look into your friends-zone list.