WE often play down the importance of breathing and fresh air. Many of us who sleep until the late morning miss the early morning breeze which, according to experts, is great for your health.

Much like we all need to breathe, so does the punani.


Yes, the punani needs to breath and according to experts and science, women who now and then rock their birthday suits are healthy.

According to Well and Good magazine, everyone with a vagina experiences vaginal discharge, says gynaecologist and member of the Love Wellness medical advisory board Shweta Pai.

Some women may have more discharge than others, thus creating a moist environment in their panties.

Excess moisture can lead to bacterial overgrowth, which can lead to a vaginal infection.


By sleeping or walking around without any underwear, Dr Pai says you can ward off future vaginal infections by decreasing the amount of moisture that surrounds your punani or vulva.

Furthermore, Metro.co.uk publication further adds that having anything pressed up against your vulva causes friction, which combined with the natural sweating process can cause the skin to break and tear.

When the skin tears, it’s more open to infection and it’s sore.

Many experts recommend skipping the panties entirely when sleeping and casually at times, to either going naked or choosing loose-fitting pyjamas for bedtime.