PLEASE beer with me, your royal Castle and Stella nation.

We are proudly a Black Label nation that continues to fight the Corona from Cape Town to Windhoek.

From Champions League’s Heineken to the strength of Hansa, beer has become synonymous with the boys will be boys notion.

Not taking anything away from our beautiful female counterparts, but beer seems to be one beverage that is able to connect men from all walks of life.

Should you want to organise an informal but powerful men’s conference, then a braai, some sports and beer will declare this properly constituted.

Wittiness aside, experts have discovered some useful health benefits to having a glass or two of cold beer.

If done in moderation, here are some benefits for men to enjoy a glass or two of a cold one:

1. Sharpens memory

Hops has a secret ingredient that can help improve cognitive function called Xanthohumol. It’s a flavonoid that helps slow down the degradation process of memory. This chemical helps protect brain cells from oxidative damage associated with dementia.

2. Good for your heart

Studies suggest that moderate beer drinking may make you less likely than those who don’t drink to suffer from heart attacks, strokes or heart disease.

3. Good for your bones

Much like calcium, the silicon content in beer may help to build stronger bones.