A snake's habitat is as deadly as its strike. 

How it thrives in its element is as deadly as its squeeze or venom. 

Most snakes are found in forests, deserts, swamps and grasslands.

So the environment is everything when it comes to this reptile. 

Much like the snakes environment, the 4-5 operates exactly like the snake. The potency of the 4-5 can be determined by the environment it has sex in. 

So where does the 4-5 strike the most? 

1. The Grand Piano 


Besides making her hit the right notes, a recent study shows that music further enhances a women's attraction in men. So whether your'e having it whilst sitting on piano bench, have her on top of the lid or are hitting her with the right notes from the keyboard. Sex on the grand piano will have your 4-5 conducting a master-piece.  

2. The Washing Machine


The high-frequency vibrations of a washing machine in the spin cycle are almost as good as vibrators and cock rings. It’s a two-in-one; you can both jump up there and get the benefit of one machine. Women can enjoy the vibrations on her clit. Men can enjoy the vibes on his balls and perineum. All dirtiness shall be cleaned. 

3. The Elevator 


Want to take your sex game to the next level, then step up to the elevator. It’s also a great option for those afflicted with what they call, “over-passionate syndrome”. More commonly known as premature ejaculation. If you need to seal the deal before you get to the top, then elevate your sexual desires in the elevator. 

4. Fireplace


It's winter and you want to keep things hot, then sex near the fireplace is the ideal way of bringing the heat in your relationship. Men naturally love things that are hot, so the 4-5 will be operating in its full element near the fire. Thereafter, a naked cuddle with a cup of something will seal the deal on one hot session.