Meet gentleman Jack Daniels, a passionate individual who’s good friends with Johnny Walker and Jameson.

Their longstanding friendship began at a luxurious and exclusive Glenfiddich event where the rich and established Glenmorangie family were unveiling their new and exciting product range.

While the above story brings about some good humour and word play, it’s clearly evident there’s something quite distinctive about a man who drinks whisky.

If done under great safety and moderation. There's a great story to be told about a man with a great whisky palate.

According to trendy and popular magazine Elite Daily, this is the type of man who enjoys whisky:

1. A Man With a Great Sense of Self-identify

A whisky drinker knows exactly what he likes and what he doesn’t like. The room for compromise is non-existent.

2. Colours Outside the Lines of Normality

Talk about someone who stands out like a sore thumb. The whisky drinker isn’t going to allow his sex life to be vanilla or tragically tame. He’s the first one to try new things.

3. He’s an Old Soul

He’s a traditional kind of guy in all the best ways. With him, sex is always a soulful and sensual experience.

4. He’s a Fiery Individual

Like his drink, he wants his sex life to have some fire and extra kick to it.

5. He’s a John Legend Type of Guy

Like John Legend, he enjoys taking things slow and savouring every moment. Similar to how he has his drink.