WHEN I was younger I was obsessed with sound systems and how loud they are.

To test the full might of a speaker, we’d place a plastic cup with water on top of the speaker.

We’d watch how it would vibrate and gradually spill the water out of the cup.

If the sound was powerful enough, it would eventually tip the cup over because of the impact of the speaker’s vibration.

In relation to sex, the punani tends to suffer the same fate as the cup of water does on top of the speaker.

If the right intensity is applied, something will spill out leaving nothing but vibrations.

According to experts, the punani tends to vibrate during sex – thus causing it to suffer from what experts call a “vaginal spasm”: the punani shake.

Experts claim vaginal spasms after sex are normal and are a result of an intense orgasm.

During sex, your nerves and muscles tense up and when you orgasm, your body releases that tension in the form of involuntary contractions.

Experts further highlight that most women typically experience anywhere between three and 15 contractions.

Thus, the cup tipping over releasing all that water.

According to the numbers, seven in 10 women are able to climax numerous times with their partner.

In fact, hitting the big ‘O’ more than once during a steamy session is common in most relationships, a study shows.

Nearly 2% of British women even claim they’re able to climax 20 times during their time beneath the sheets.

If you’re able to “make it shake” as the streets deem it, then you have been able to unlock the secrets of joy.