MZANSI has had many challenges, but no one saw this one coming.

The latest challenge is wearing panties as a bra!

The challenge recently surfaced on social media with women of different sizes and shapes posing in their undies.

Many dismissed the challenge as madness while others had no problem with it.

Some even tagged their girlfriends to join in on the challenge. Prude Kuwa laughed off the challenge.

“What the hell is wrong with this generation?” she said.

“They always find sick ways to express themselves. Anyway, South Africa has become a country of challenges.”

The older generation joined in.

One woman, who hid her face, was labelled the winner of the challenge as she could not fit her breasts in one pair of panties and had to wear two.

“This December is not what we expected it to be,” said Melitah Ndaba.

“Now we find ourselves joining in on the madness because, really, the festive isn’t vibey at all.”

Jabulani Mbatha said: “My girlfriend can shut down this challenge and all of you will want to remove these nasty panties you’re showing us.

“The girl wearing a jockey with holes in it – why was she even joining in?”