STEALING, in any shape or form, is wrong and should always be adequately punished.

While we often hear of organ theft and how it can often be used for African black magic practices, another growing trend is that of stealing human 4-5s.

Yes, recent reports seem to suggest that more and more people are stealing people’s penises and using them for witchcraft.

According to the Washington City Paper, genital larceny seems to be prevalent in developing nations with poorly educated tribal cultures, where belief in witchcraft is still strong.

In countries like Senegal, it is believed that 4-5s can be stolen by cannibal witches via impotence spells cast by sorcerers or ordinary everyday evil spirits.

According to the report, a penis-theft episode typically involves four stages.

Firstly, the victim has an odd encounter, such as a stranger unexpectedly shaking his hand.

Next is the sensation of an electric shock or chill travelling to his genitals.

Thirdly, he checks his crotch and becomes convinced his 4-5, testicles or both have been stolen or shrunken.

The final step is crying and enlisting others to confront the suspect, sometimes with the victim stripping on the spot to prove that his genitals are gone.

According to the stats, about 20 witches accused of 4-5 theft were lynched in Nigeria in 2001 and 12 in Ghana in 2002.

One survey counted 56 separate cases between 1997 and 2003, with at least 36 suspected thieves murdered.

In a 2008 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, urgent messages went out by radio to avoid strangers wearing gold rings in taxis, leading police to putting 13 suspected sorcerers into protective custody to prevent lynchings.

According to the Global Index, many hospitals around the world are reporting at least one or two cases of penis-theft.

In Africa, penis-theft is a growing trend, especially in West African countries.

The 4-5s are often used for black magic and “extra-ordinary” sexual powers among men.