A BODYBUILDER from Kazakhstan has married his fiancee of 18 months.

Yuri Tolochko proposed to his sex doll lover Margo in December last year, and the two married last week.

According to EuroWeekly, Yuri first met Margo in a nightclub, rescuing her from unwanted attention.

Since that meeting, he’s fallen madly in love with her.

He even paid for Margo to have cosmetic surgery, labelling himself as “pansexual”.

This means he can fall in love with “a soul, an image, a character, or a person”.

“I like the process of sex itself. And gender. Sexual orientation is not particularly important here,” he said.

In the video posted on Instagram, Yuri can be seen passionately kissing his bride and putting a ring on her finger in the presence of their friends, who came to celebrate their special day with them.