LEADING South African publisher, Vivlia, is offering a matric catch-up program ahead of the 2021 Matric rewrites. 

The program has been specially tailored to support learners and instill optimism and confidence for their Matric and grade 11 year.

The educational resources are inclusive and offer learning in all 11 official languages.  

Founded in 1989, Vivlia has been running for 31 years, providing accessible and culturally relevant learning materials.

It is an independent, black owned publishing house that prides itself in understanding, locally, the educational and developmental needs of learners.

To empower both learners and teachers, even parents and guardians; the Vivlia product development goes through a rigorous consultation and research process, with educational professionals and subject experts. 

“Our catch-up programme is not to be confused with a traditional study guide. 

It is an exam preparation guide that will help matric students navigate their final Languages and Mathematic papers,” says ICT Director of Vivlia Publishers, Phathu Nemukula.

Every year Vivlia Publishers consults with the Department of Education to scrutinize and identify the areas in which learners struggle with the most.

These specific sections are then refined and made comprehensive and simple for learning at home and in the classroom.  

Interactive quizzes; comprehension guidance; tests and memoranda are all packaged for an enthusing at-home learning experience.

The programme can be found on Vivlia Publishers’ website and ranges from R65.00 to R170.00.