IZIkhothane is a subculture that is common in townships like Soweto.

But this 12-member group of izikhothane that calls itself Italian Droshka is unique.

It was formed on 28 September last year.

Members are from Bekkersdal and Simunye near Westonaria, west of Joburg.

They brag with their walks loosening their bodies as if they are made of “rubble muscles” and turn the heads of many people as if expecting them to see them splashing “Yogurt” on their expensive shoes. They invite celebrities to motivate and inspire the youth.

When times gooes on, the skhothanes have been spotted doing what other peole percieved of unwanted things wasting their parents money by burning clothes and to a certian extent serious crime associated with such lifestyles was on media headlines.

The group meets every Thursday.

Group chairman, Fire Thaele (26) said: “We get paid for dancing at birthday parties and weddings. We charge between R500 and R1 000 and save the money to buy one another clothes.

“We teach local youngsters to be responsible citizens. Some of us work in local government departments.

“We’ve recruited many youngsters who were notorious gangsters,” said Fire.

“We’ve also released a house music album titled Nika.”

Other activities include attending local soccer tournaments.

“We also save money for travelling and discourage bad behaviour such as drinking in public.”

The owner of a local car wash called Block 7, Zanele Nkomo, told the People’s Paper: “It’s pleases us, as the older generation, to see young vibrant people doing what they like, contributing toward social upliftment and helping their peers go to school and become better people.”