If you want a clothing item that will be your best friend all year round, that is the leather jacket. 

Leather jackets are a jacket made from the material leather.

They are typically dyed black, brown and other colours but the classic colour is black. 

Leather Jackets have been around forever, and are one of those clothing items that will probably stay forever. 

This jacket has so much history and culture attached to it. Leather Jackets can be identified in music culture from the Goth, punk and heavy metal era. T

hey also have been associated with the biker rednecks, military aviators and secret agents. 

In today's culture, leather jackets are worn by both men and women and in both winter and summer. 

They come in different shapes. styles and patterns but the leather and usually the colour is the statement piece of the jacket. 

Leather jackets are great worn with blue denim jeans, but you can wear this jacket with everything. Because of it's association origin, leather jackets have a hard look to them, so if you're a girly girl you can dress the leather jacket to tailor your feminine style but pairing it with a dress or getting a lady cut and styled made jacket. 

Leather jackets are jackets every women should own because they are classy and timeless. 

See pictures below of stunning leather jackets: