YOUR health is so important that even banks want you to stay fit.

FNB has expanded the nav» functionality on its app to allow customers to set and track their savings, health and fitness goals.

The new feature is a continuation of the nav» journey that started in 2016 when the bank introduced nav» Home, followed by nav» Car and more recently, nav» Money.

To date, the bank has helped put over 10 000 families in homes through nav» Home, nav» Car has 300 000 cars loaded while over 350 000 people now use nav» Money for money management.

Now, the bank is looking into health.

Raj Makanjee, CEO at FNB Retail, said the use of a single platform to help customers with money management and wellness is a first in Mzansi banking.

“We’re consistently improving the nav» functionality to help individuals and families to navigate through life,” he said.

The bank’s goal-based solution offers people the option of 10 main Savings Goals categories, including: education, emergencies, travel, save to start a business as well as health and wellness – with over 50 different sub categories. People also have an option to create and name their own goal.

Among the new features announced is nav» Wellness, which helps people setup and track their health and fitness journey on the App.

Firstly, you will fill-in a questionnaire to get insights into their wellness score before setting goals to improve their score.

Secondly, there is a feature that allows you to order prescription medicine from their nearest Dis-Chem, from within the App, and get notified when it is ready for collection, no queues and no hassle.

The bank has also negotiated discounts with health and wellness partners to help clients navigate their wellness journey through savings.

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