SO the old saying “Everything has a price” is true.

Admittedly, we’re now living in a world where money makes the world go round and everything is a commodity. 

Every lived day under the sun is an auction and the win goes to life’s highest bidder.

Speaking about bidding, how much are you willing to bid for a punani?

Yes, you read my question correctly, but thankfully it’s a rhetorical question. 

The Richest on Earth publication compiled a list of the top five most expensive virginities among women. 

According to the publication, this auction-like concept saw women place a price tag on their virgin punanis.

Let’s take a look at the top three most expensive punanis:

1. Catarina Migliorini $1,5 million (R20 239 050)

This 21-year-old Brazilian model took her celibacy to the next level after her initial 2012 bid for her punani fell flat on its face. Currently, her punani looks to be sold to an Arab millionaire. 


2. Raffaella Fico $1,3916 million (18 763 499)

The 26-year-old Italian model claims she received one million euros for her virginity in a 2008 interview. 

“If someone was willing to pay a million euros for me, of course I’d be embarrassed. But with that money I could realise my dreams,” she told an Italian magazine.

3. Elizabeth Raine $801,000 (R10 797 271)

A mystery medical student known as Liz Raine turned virginity selling into a science.

Her masterfully-designed auction website, complete with a link to the PR company who managed her bid, contained an entire page devoted to Terms and Conditions of the arrangement; legal clauses like sexual intercourse means insertion of a penis into a vagina; and a promise to donate 35% of the sale to a charity that provides education to women in developing countries.

Liz Raine
Liz Raine.