American rapper T.I has been slammed by social media and celebrities after he revealed that he attends his teenage daughter's annual visit to the gynecologist to make sure that she is still a virgin.

The 39-year-old rapper doesn't mind discussing sex with 18-year-old Deyjah Imani Harris, but he doesn't want her to have sex with anyone just yet and goes with her to her consultant every 12 months to make sure her hymen is still in tact.

On a recent episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast, the 39-year-old rapper told hosts Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham that he has "yearly trips to the gynecologist" with his 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah, "to check her hymen."

"Right after the birthday, we celebrate and then usually, like, the day after the party, she's enjoying her gifts, I put a sticky note on the door [that says,] 'Gyno. Tomorrow. 9:30,'" he said.