A STUDY found that 84% of women groom their pubes to some extent!

It seems while we’re rehashing 70s fashion trends, we’re not resurrecting the full bush.

Who is your pube-spiration?

TV and movie characters shape public opinion regarding pubic hair.

People gasped at the sight of Gaby Hoffmann’s character, Caroline’s full-frontal amazon (before deforestation) in a bone-chilling scene in Girls.

And what about Sex and the City – so many great pube moments.

Remember Samantha’s epic Bozo the Bush incident (or accident, rather) or when Carrie gets it all waxed off?

Her reaction?

“I feel like walking sex”, and the even funnier “I feel like one of those freaking hairless dogs”.

A Hello Giggles article said that this specific episode of Sex and the City actually started a full-blown waxing trend in the US – which saw the decrease of instances of lice in female pubic areas.

But what is the Public State of Pubes in 2016?

The Independent noted that 62% of women surveyed in a study chose to remove their hair completely.

And 84% of women said they groom their pubes to some extent.

Well-known SA retailer, Sorbet, said the Hollywood wax (complete removal of all hair in the bikini area) is currently the most popular waxing treatment requested in their salons.

A lot of women opt to go “clean” for hygiene reasons.

But removing pubic hair can lead to infections and inflamed hair roots.

Hair also protects your skin during sex – which can protect you against STIs like genital warts.

So, why shave? Shaving is cheap and painless, yet regrowth happens very quickly.

Some of us are much hairier than others, and need more frequent shedding.

Shaving can also lead to both visible and microscopic open wounds and cuts – which could lead to infection.

Yet shaving is not the only hair removal treatment that comes with issues.

With waxing these issues are often avoided, plus hair tends to thin and grow back softer with every wax.

According to Stylecaster, the biggest pro is that hair is removed from the root, which makes upkeep easier as this usually lasts for up to six weeks.

Unfortunately, waxing is painful, plus it requires some regrowth in order to be effective, which is not ideal.

Woman’s Day also noted that waxing can cause hair roots to bleed.

Your follicles are directly connected to a little blood vessel, so don’t blame the poor waxer.

Hair removal creams like Veet and Mandy’s use chemicals to weaken the hair follicles. The smell of these products often puts women off it – yet it’s pretty effective in removing hair from legs and bikini lines.

It’s pain free, fast, cheap and can be done in the comfort of your toilet. But these depilatory creams can irritate sensitive skin.

Laser removal is praised by celebs like Kim K and Beyonce. The laser penetrates the skin and destroys the hair roots. But it costs a lot, and is painful.