“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” - Yves Saint Laurent

There is a misinterpretation of the difference between fashion and style. Usually when people think of the two they think its one thing.

The Google definition of fashion is a popular or the latest style of clothing and the Google definition of Style is a distinctive appearance.

Fashion is a particular piece of clothing or design that becomes popular. Many people may be fascinated about it but it usually does not stick around, so it’s almost like a fad. Whereas Style is the image of a particular person and how you identify them.

Something can be in fashion but it might not be for everyone, only for specific people with who it fits their style.

Your style is your image that you’re seen in almost every day or what you’d like to be identified with. For an example your style could be that you’re always in blue denim jeans, that’s what you’re comfortable in and what you like, in season and out of season, even if all the stores were to stop selling blue denim jeans, you’d still be wearing them because that’s your style. 


Fashion is what is giving to us by the fashion industry, designers, pop-culture and media. Fashion does influence style, in the sense that today Pleated skirts have come out in the fashion scene and we’re seeing them all over the runway and on different red carpets by your favourite celebrities. Some stores may be influenced by this particular design and stock up on pleated skirts – However they will only be available and popular right now. You see these pleated skirts and you fall in love with them and by ten in different colours (Lol, Okay, four.). And you wear them almost every day, so pleated skirts become your style of choice. You love them so much that even though they’re no longer in stores and on the runway – you still wear them. That’s style.

Let’s think about it in comparison to food. In fashion there are ‘Fashionistas’ and in the food industry there are ‘Foodies’. You can walk into a restaurant and read the menu and find the latest food trend is gluten free pasta, kombucha, Vegan, Almond milk and soy everything. You eat and enjoy but that is not necessary how you eat week days at home where you cook white rice, chicken curry and some vegetables (When you feel like them).

White rice and chicken curry is your style, you’ve eaten the same recipe for the past eight years and you probably still will. Gluten free pasta with vegan soy mince is what you’d eat at a restaurant maybe two, three times depending on how long that meal will be on the menu.

But just like how fashion can influence style it’s the same in the culinary world. I might enjoy the gluten-free pasta and end up cooking that at home too.

You can love fashion and wear everything comes out and is declared fashionable but that does not mean you’re stylish – Why? Because there’s no distinction of what YOUR image is.

You can be stylish and never dress according to what is fashionable.

Style is more important than fashion.