They say a picture paints a thousand words.

This notion has become very apparent in the times we now live in where platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have become popular by their use of images to express their messaging.

Another example of this is the use of emojis on social media.

Many people are now resorting to the usage of emojis, which are small digital images or icons used to express an idea or emotion.

These icons and images have narrowed our use of words on social media.

According to the Unicode Consortium, 92% of people online use emojis.

According to the Consortium, there are over 3 500 emojis available at your fingertips.

The Unicode Consortium, a not-for-profit that maintains the universal character encoding standard, has published a report on how we used emojis in 2021.

According to Consortium, these are the top 10 emojis that were used in 2021:

  1. ?? Face with tears of joy
  2. ?? Red heart
  3. ?? Rolling on the floor laughing
  4. ?? Thumbs up
  5. ?? Loudly crying face
  6. ?? Folded hands
  7. ?? Face blowing a kiss
  8. ?? Smiling face with hearts
  9. ?? Smiling face with heart-eyes

10.?? Smiling face with smiling eyes