SOUTH African television has been a wave of excitement for the past two years.

From 14 February 2018, television would receive a rude awakening with airing of a new channel on DStv called Moja Love.

Channel 157 on DStv, the Moja Love channel, invested in telling local and authentically Mzansi stories.

One of those shows, which consistently had an average viewership weekly of more than three million viewers would soon change the face of relationships forever.

Uyajola99, the South African version of the popular television show called Cheaters, continues to have tongues and social media handles buzzing every single week.

Who is cheating with who was the question Jub Jub seemed to answer every Sunday?

Now borrowing from the shows name Uyajola 99, we also look at what are the early signs that your partner is cheating on you. Experts agree that cheating starts from somewhere, and we’re about to help you find out where should you start looking.

These are the common things experts say you should look out for:

1.Sudden change in physical appearance

He/she now takes eating, exercising and how they look seriously.

2.Secretive about their phone

Password after password after password is a sign that he/she is hiding something.


Going MIA is a sign or hint that he/she is doesn’t want to speak to you.

4.Less affection

If he/she no longer wants your affection, chances are someone else is already in with them.