IT’S not as clear-cut as you’d imagine.

After a telephone conversation in which a colleague at work confessed he saw his sister’s boyfriend cheating on her, we couldn’t help but weigh in. Heck!

The last thing you want is to find out the person your best friend can’t stop gushing about is a cheater.

Even worse, is finding yourself in a position where you have knowledge of this. Perhaps, you even have the evidence to back it up. But, what do you do?

Do you risk your relationship with your friend or sibling and tell them, or do you hope they find out on their own?

Girls in the office preferred to be told. Withholding information

(even if it’s something that will hurt someone) is a sort of betrayal of trust, they said.

Telling a friend their partner is cheating is difficult. Yes. And some people choose not to tell their friends because they believe: 
a) It’s not their business to get involved in someone else’s affairs.
b) They’re protecting their friends from being hurt.

But there will be consequences when the truth comes out.

On the one hand, a friend argued it was not that simple. She confessed that she was scared she might resent the bearer of the news.

On the other hand, she agreed that it would be a betrayal of the worst kind, if she found out this information was withheld from her.

Remember, the only person ruining any happiness here is the cheater.

Ideally, doing the right thing and telling a friend should prove you’re a loyal friend.

In both cases, it would be ideal to tell both parties to come clean. But things don’t always work that way. Right!