So you love things with strings attached? 

Then you should try Dr Joel's Enhancing Lasso. 

If you are looking for a thicker and stronger erection, then this is the product for you. 

Accommodates solo and dual users, Dr Joel's Enhancing Lasso boosts your sexual confidence by increasing the size of the 4-5 and its performance.


With fully adjustable functionality, Dr Joel's Enhancing can be worn by all sizes in different positions. 

Made from premium stretchy rubber, the product is designed  to adjust for any comfort levels and tightness. 

It also comes with a finger holes to stretch the ring over any size pump or 4-5. 

It really is like controlling a hand-held snake. 

Here is one review from one of the users: 

"I've tried several cock ring lassos and this flesh coloured model is by far the best. All the other lassos, including the black coloured one by this same manufacturer, are short and thin and break soon, or one of the tubes come out of the bead and the thing is then useless. I love the adjustability of lassos, even though they are less sexy looking than rings."