SEX robots will make humans better lovers, says Concordia University PhD psychology candidate Simon Dube.

He specialises in erobotics, the study of robotic technologies developed around human sexuality.

According to Dube from Canada, the new breed of robots can improve the sexual desire or excitement of human beings.

He told The Irish Sun robots could recognise and understand human emotions to allow people to explore their fantasies.

“The main driver in people wanting to have sex and intimate relationships with machines is sexual curiosity and our pursuit of pleasure, as well as exploring new ways of having sex and our sexual fantasies,” Dube said.

The 27-year-old, who is in the final year of his PhD in Montreal, said robots are unlikely to prevent people from having sex with other humans, but could instead compliment sexual relationships between humans.

“This technology can be used and designed to help us understand each other and improve the quality of our relationships with fellow humans,” he said.