THERE’S a time and season for everything.

And according to sexologists, the winter season has the most sexual activity – because our bodies produce a lot of oxytocin and endorphins, which promote body heat and kill the winter pains.

A recent study by Wilkes University in the US found that having sex frequently was correlated with higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that plays an important part in immunity.

Since our immune systems are weaker during winter, sex is simply the healthy thing to do.

Matshepo Mathe (29) from Rockville, Soweto, said winter sex is the best.

Explained Matshepo: “Sex has a lot of benefits in winter. Besides, it keeps me warm and indoors and allows me to cuddle with my boyfriend.”

And then there’s the spring season, deemed the “sensual season”.

According to psychologist and marriage consultant Danielle Forshee, the weather is a catalyst.

Spring brings out the sun, which increases our production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that boosts mood.

This boost enables happy people to be hornier.

Lebo Radebe (32) from Pimville, Soweto, admitted spring was sexually exciting.

Said Lebo: “As nature begins to take shape and colour, something in the air makes me feel good, which leads to sex.”

Then there’s summer, the season when less is more. And this can be seen by the amount of clothing people wear.

This season, according to sexologists, is the worst time to have sex.

Thabsile Mnguni (30) from Spruitview, in Ekurhuleni, said having less sex in summer is a good idea.

Insisted Thabsile: “If the heat is unbearable, then askies, dololo action.”

A team of Norwegian researchers has concluded that women and men function differently when it comes to wanting sex in various seasons, with women at their most active in the spring and men in autumn.

The research team at the University of Tromsø in Northern Norway concluded that female sexual desire was determined by light and the sun.

“Women follow the light with regard to sexual interest, but surprisingly men don’t.”

Sexologist Bente Træen said men were more sexually active when the weather patterns change from sunny to gloomy weather.

Thus Sabelo Mkhanya (37) from Northcliff agrees with the notion that autumn is every guy’s sexual season.

“As the leaves fall down from the trees, so do the clothes,” said Sabelo jokingly.